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Divorced parents seeking to relocate to another state or at such a distance within Massachusetts as to impact the parenting time of the other parent need either the agreement of the other parent or the approval of the Probate and Family Court. These cases are commonly known as “removal” cases and are some of the most difficult cases faced by parents, the attorneys who represent them, and even the judges. Given the significant impact relocation can have on a family, especially the children involved, the law in this area is complex and ever-evolving.  At Newburyport Family Law, we are well-versed in child development and remain current at all times as to changes in this area of the law.  As Guardians Ad Litem often asked by the Probate and Family Court to conduct neutral investigations and make recommendations in such cases, we have a thorough understanding of what evidence is needed in order to both prevail on a request for removal and to defend against such a request.  In the event that a Guardian Ad Litem is appointed in your case, we will help you put forth this evidence, including the selection of witnesses.  Whether you wish to relocate with your child(ren), or you are the parent objecting to such a request by the other parent, we can advise you of your rights, assist you in deciding whether and how to proceed through the court and, finally, advocate on your behalf during negotiation and, if necessary, trial.  

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