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At Newburyport Family Law, we recognize that there are many different variations of what constitutes a “family.”  We understand that, while members of the LGBTQ+ community have many of the same legal rights and obligations as more traditional families, they often face needs and challenges not encountered by other populations.  Our backgrounds allow us to understand and be sensitive to these needs and challenges from legal, emotional, cultural and practical perspectives.  

We will ensure that you are aware of the many different options available to you and that you have the knowledge and tools available to make informed decisions about what is best for your family going forward.  It is important to us that you and your family enjoy the advantages and protections to which you are entitled under both federal and state law.  We are prepared to address the concerns and issues faced by all separating and divorcing families, including areas such as custody, child support, property division and health insurance.  

We can assist you in evaluating whether mediation is an option for you and your spouse or partner. On the other hand, if you or your children are suffering from domestic violence, we can walk you through the process of obtaining the appropriate type of abuse prevention order that will keep your family safe.  

But we go a step further at Newburyport Family Law.  We recognize that not every solution works for every family.  We take the time to analyze the manner in which the many different societal factors that influence the family’s functioning, such as school, work, community and peer groups, influence your rights within the legal system and then make recommendations that fit with your family.

Overall, our goals include ensuring that you are satisfied that we have a firm grasp on your unique family situation, that we can either assist you and your spouse or partner in mediating your case or provide you with a sense of confidence that we will vigorously advocate on your behalf and that once your case is concluded, you can look back knowing that you made the very best decisions for your family.

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