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Child Custody

Child custody is often the most difficult and contentious matter to resolve. You and your spouse or partner may agree as to the major decisions involving the raising of your children, such as where they will attend school, who will provide medical care and how matters involving their moral development and/or religious education will be handled (referred to as legal custody) but disagree as to how a parenting plan will be arranged (at one time referred to as physical custody).

Child Support

The law regarding child support in Massachusetts requires both you and your spouse or partner to contribute to the support of your children until they are emancipated, which can occur any time from their eighteenth to their twenty-third birthday, depending on the circumstances. 


Cases in which one parent wishes to relocate to another state or at such a distance within Massachusetts as to impact the parenting time of the other parent are some of the most difficult faced by clients, the attorneys who represent them and even judges. 

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