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Property Division

Property Division includes deciding what will happen to the marital home and any other real estate you and your spouse own, either jointly or individually. It also includes determining and accounting for the value of a business if either of you are self-employed or have an ownership interest in a company. It includes determining how the debts will be paid. It includes the division of investments, jewelry, bank accounts and retirement plans. And it includes the division of your furniture and other personal belongings. Some of these divisions may have tax implications. It is our job to make certain you are fully informed.

If you and your spouse are flexible as to the division of your assets, we will make sure your needs and the needs of your children are met, while your rights and interests are protected.

If a settlement is not possible, we will make certain all assets are located and accounted for. We will ensure that the valuation of each asset is accomplished fairly and we will obtain the best possible property division available to you through focused litigation.

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