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Cases in which one parent wishes to relocate to another state or at such a distance within Massachusetts as to impact the parenting time of the other parent are some of the most difficult faced by clients, the attorneys who represent them and even judges.  The laws are complicated.  We understand them and remain current at all times as to new developments. If you wish to relocate with your children, or you plan to remain here and the other parent is proposing a relocation, we can advise you of your rights and assist you in the best way to proceed.


Grandparents have the right to seek visitation orders from the Probate & Family Court. We know the laws and can assist in enforcing them. Further, it is not uncommon for a Grandparent to seek custody (Guardianship) of a grandchild because both parents are absent (due to illness, service in the military, incarceration or other matters). We can assist you in navigating through the extensive paperwork the court requires and make sure you gain Temporary Guardianship as quickly as possible and Permanent Guardianship when appropriate.

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